2016’s sassy summer hair trends

Summer brings the heat, alright, with its steaming temperatures and steamy looks to complement breezy beach days in the sun that take a toll on skin and hair. It’s the perfect time, then, to consider a cool change for your wispy locks. For summer’s unique wear and tear, shoot for a low-maintenance look. Here, from the hair pros, are some ideal cuts to bear in mind:

Icy blonde bobs: Celebrities Jennifer Lawrence, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift have recently all opted for this route—your choice: curly, straight, wavy, or with a tad of grown-in roots. Either way, as Good Housekeeping says, look for the bold platinum ’do to dominate summer looks. (Remember: Going extremely platinum blonde can be very damaging to your hair, especially if you try to do it all at once. Consulting with an experienced colorist is the safest way to go.)

2016 summer hair image 1 edited

Baby bangs: Flirtatious, fun, and always adorable, bangs are back—but keep it brief. “An inch to an inch and a half works on any length hair,” says ELLE. Though not for everybody, those with more spacious foreheads tend to better pull off the look.

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Long layers: The disheveled look has always signaled a comfortability with easy-does-it casualness. If you plan on keeping your hair long over the summer, layer it, says ELLE. “Taking large vertical sections and point cutting into the hair to remove split ends and create a very soft, ragged edge gives it a more organic feeling,” says stylist Nathaniel Hawkins. Kendall Jenner (below) looks at home with the fit.

2016 summer hair image 3 edited

Foxy shags: Shag hairstyles layer throughout and produce a fringe that grazes the eyebrows. According to Latest-Hairstyles.com, shags are all about letting your natural texture show through. No simpler and quicker way to style your tresses exists than by finding a haircut that works with your texture rather than against it.

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